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An emotional cleansing therapy

What is Enlight?

If you haven’t been in psychotherapy before, you may not realize that the traditional approach to treatment is to educate the client about their condition and teach them how to change their own feelings and behaviors. Although this approach can be very helpful, it is usually a long process that depends a great deal on the individual’s courageous persistence. Moreover, a change in behavior and belief does not necessarily resolve the history of negative experiences fueling such things as depression and anxiety.

These are some of the reasons that Donald Zandier offers “More Than Just Talk”. With his approach he will combine his 28 years of talk therapy experience with the 20 years he has spent developing his own Energy Psychology (E.P.) application, Enlight™. After just one application, his clients report feeling immediate relief from various long-term negative emotions and self-destructive behaviors such as dysfunctional relationships, addiction, compulsions and more. The pace of the therapeutic progress accelerates after this painless acupressure-like treatment because chronic emotional obstacles are removed, clearing the path to greater health and happiness.

The story of Enlight

The development of Enlight

Enlight™ was developed by Psychologist Donald Zandier, M.A. in the mid-90’s. Having been introduced to an innovative type of psychotherapy in 1993, now commonly known as Energy Psychology, this form of therapy most resembles an acupressure treatment. However, instead of light pressure being applied to the energy pathways of the body, a light tapping with the fingertips is repeated several times at various treatment pressure points. Simultaneously the subject is thinking about the specific negative emotion that they wish to resolve. There is actually no need to reveal to the provider or discuss what the fear, trauma or negative emotion actually is. The subject only needs to hold the negative emotion in their conscious thought during treatment.

For many years, Mr. Zandier has worked to improve upon the techniques he was originally certified in, and this effort has created a broader and more lasting benefit for everyone. The basic theory proposes that all emotional ills stem from some degree of emotional trauma and the experiences of emotional malnourishment. Each of these negative experiences can be accessed like an emotional program in our computer-like mind and resolved.

What Mr. Zandier finds most exciting is that Enlight™ is truly for everyone. Studies show that all individuals have suffered some degree of emotional hurt throughout the course of their lives; therefore, anyone…and everyone, can realize an emotional lift from this approach. With just one painless application, emotional obstacles that have been holding one back or slowing them down could ultimately vanish. Whatever burdensome forces are pushing against an individual; indecision, fear, discouragement, resentment, self-doubt and many more, can now be removed forever. For more information on Energy Psychology, please visit


The following are actual statements from variety of satisfied participants

“I have been able to see things more clearly and make decisions without the negative interference and anxiety that used to clog my thoughts.”
32 year old Female
“I am now behaving like a more true version of myself. Very freeing!”
54 year old Female
“I was hesitant at first but just after one treatment I was amazed that my stress level regarding one of my greatest fears had declined.”
35 year old Male

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